One last pull request

Its nearing the end of the term, so that means its time to start submitting final projects and preparing for exams. For release 0.4, we were given the same task as before, contribute to one external project and also contribute to our Telescope project.

For the Telescope project i was assigned Issue #255, which required me to find a way to silence all the logs while the application is going through all the automated tests. Every time the application is run or built, all the tests run automatically and print out the results to the console. There are tons and tons of tests that run, to test every aspect of the application. Every time a part of a test is run, there may be some messages printed out on the console, giving information on whats happening or if there are any errors. The problem is, when all there tests are run one after another, theres hundreds of messages that show up on the console and it may get very distracting and make it harder to read the test results. For our application we are using a JS library called logger, and theres an option that can be set for this library that will change the level of what gets printed on the console. For example we can set it to only show errors, or only warning and so on. So after a bit of research in the library's documentation, i found that theres one setting called "silent", which will completely disable all messages. Now we can quickly and easily enable/disable the console being filled with unnecessary  information. After updating the documentation for our application, adding in the new option to silence the logs, i was ready to submit and PR and move on to the external project.

As you may know from reading last weeks blog, i was unsuccessful in completing the external project portion of release 0.3, so i must now continue and try and finish the Issue i was trying to work on. I contacted one of the professors i had last semester that teaches iOS app development hoping that he may be able to help me with my project, but could not meet with him due to his busy schedule near the end of the term. After researching online for a work around i wasn't able to find a way to fix my problem. This just goes to show that no matter how easy a task might seem, or if you think you still have lots of time, you should never leave any task to the last minute. This issue may have been an easy fix if i had started earlier or asked for help earlier but now its too late, so let this be a lesson to who ever is reading this.


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